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Far Cry Primal Survivor Mode Coming via Free Update

by Kyle Hanson


Far Cry Primal will become even more primal with the release of a new Survivor Mode. This new way to play the game will come via a free update on April 12th. The whole purpose of this new option is to make the game a tougher challenge, while making it more realistic and gritty for players. This includes such intense features as permadeath, making it so even a single death in the game is a huge deal.

“The fight for survival in Far Cry Primal’s vast Stone Age wilderness is about to get a lot more brutal. If conquering rival tribes and taming deadly predators has left you hungry for a new, harsher challenge, we have some exciting news: Far Cry Primal is getting a Survivor mode, which will arrive as a free patch for all platforms on April 12.”

Apparently it was feedback from the gaming community that first prompted the creation of the Far Cry Primal Survivor Mode. Players were asking for some more unique features, ones that fit with the prehistoric setting of the game. This led the team to create the mode, along with some optional elements like the aforementioned permadeath.

“If you felt the stakes weren’t high enough before, you can now turn on full permadeath, which means your game is over the first time you die (except in vision missions, which aren’t “real”). If that seems too abrupt, there’s also a second-chance option that gives you one backup life, which is then replenished at certain completion points.”

Along with permadeath come other options like a stamina meter, removal of the minimap, and more rare animals and other creatures. This all adds up to a much greater challenge in the game, but you can mess with it a bit. All of these new elements can be turned on in any difficulty mode, allowing the player to mix and match to best suite their gaming taste and skill.

For more on the Far Cry Primal Survivor Mode click here, and keep an eye out for the update on April 12th.

Far Cry Primal – Survivor Mode Announcement

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2018

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