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Faulty PlayStation 4 Systems found in first run

by William Schwartz


Reports surfaced yesterday on Reddit that one of the winners of the “Play the Future First” contest had recieved a broken PlayStation 4. Not broken in the sense that is was dismantled when it arrived at his Maryland home, but defective in that it wouldn’t turn on for the contest winner.

The Redditor explained his situation on a post on the site, claiming that a pulsing blue light showed up on the console when he tried to turn it on. They also claimed that they could never get a signal to output to the television from the system.

IGN is also reporting that they’ve experienced the same issues with their launch PlayStation 4. They claim that the blinking blue lights appeared on their retail unit being used to review games ahead of release. Apparently, if the console is blinking blue lights, it’s not a good thing. The site claims that the console was working before update 1.50, and no methods to try and correct the problem worked for them. They say that included trying different HDMI cables, inputs, display devices, or booting the console in safe mode.

Hopefully this doesn’t become a more widespread problem for Sony as consoles roll out to consumers at midnight on November 15th.

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