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FIFA 14 free with Xbox One Day One Edition only

by William Schwartz


Microsoft recently announced that it would be partnering with the EA to bring Xbox One early adopters a free copy of FIFA 14. Apparently though, there has been some miscommunication about whether FIFA 14 comes with every pre-ordered Xbox One or just the “Day One Edition”.

While Microsoft had said that “all preorders come with FIFA 14 in Europe,” they’ve since gone back on that statement to reveal that it would only be Xbox One Day One Edition consoles that see the inclusion of the game.

Unfortunately, this change in plans comes almost two weeks after Microsoft misinformed customers about how they would qualify for getting the free copy of FIFA 14. It’s likely that some made purchasing decision based on this bad information. It’s unclear if Microsoft will do anything to remedy the situation, but as it stands, the FIFA promotion will be limited to the Day One consoles.

We’ve yet to get an official release date for Microsoft’s new consoles, but the Xbox One will arrive at some point in November.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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