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Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Could Be Delayed Until November

by Damian Seeto


There is valid evidence that Final Fantasy 15 won’t meet its previously announced September 30th release date. The game might have been delayed until November.


Gamenesia heard from Gamestop that the new release date for Final Fantasy 15 will now be November 29th. To add more weight to this report, Kotaku heard back from their own sources and they say the release date is true. Gematsu is another respectable website that has heard from sources confirming the delay.

To put to rest that the delay is fake, images of Gamestop material show that the release date needs to be changed. Store employees have been instructed to place a sticker on top of existing posters. The sticker shows the new November 29th release date and an official announcement is expected to happen on Monday.

A two month delay for the game could be a good thing. Delays mean that the game should be polished when it finally comes out. We’ve seen lots of other games come out either broken or lacking content at launch. Final Fantasy 15 should have lots of content and hopefully it’s bug-free when it comes out this November.

Hopefully the new release date means the game can still be successful. It’s coming out after many other AAA video games have been released already.

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