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Final Fantasy 15 Reveals Playable Characters in New DLC

by Joanne Choi


It has indeed been a busy year for developers at Square Enix.  Finally releasing the long-awaited title of the Final Fantasy franchise, the 15th story is gaining much attention.  To alleviate players’ gaming experiences, the company has published two new strategy guides, Ultimania, in Japan on the 28th.  In addition to the Holiday DLC packs  , it seems Square Enix has taken fan’s requests for playable characters into consideration.  Four characters will be unlocked as DLC content, Iris Amicitia 15 years old, Gladiolus’ younger sister whom Noctis meets in the early chapters of the game.  Next is a new favorite among fans, Aranea Highwind, 30 years old, captain of the Third Army Corps 86th Airborne Unit of the Niflheim Empire, one of the antagonists in game.  Not much was known about this particular character when earlier gameplay footages circulated.  Some speculated a resemblance with Lightning from Lightning Returns (Final Fantasy 13) due to similar designs in combat attire. Possibly named after the Araneus spider, known for her cautious yet deadly characteristics,  she is part of the dragoon family.  Just like in previous installments like Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy 4) for example, Aranea wields a lance as her main weapon of choice.

Another welcoming character is Cor Leonis who is voiced by Matthew Mercer (Leon, Resident Evil series) in the English version of the game.  Cor, 45 years of age, is a noble seasoned fighter vowed to defend the Kingdom of Lucis.  He accompanies Prince Noctis and his gang during an infiltration.  Last but not least is our female protagonist, Princess Lunafreya Nox Fleuret of the Tenabrae family and Noctis’ bride-to-be, commonly known as Luna.  Though it has not yet been verified, since DLC content is still being reviewed.

With the upcoming DLC content fans will be able to further explore the world of Final Fantasy 15 to a higher level.  Originally intended as part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Saga when it was first introduced a decade ago in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus 13,  the title was re-branded to Final Fantasy 15 with the switching of directors and transitioning to next gen consoles.


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