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Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector’s Edition Sold Out Again In Europe

by Damian Seeto


Square Enix re-opened availability for the Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector’s Edition this week for select customers but it looks like units have sold out again. Sadly, it looks like there won’t be any more opportunities to get this great looking package.

The Square Enix Europe Twitter page said: “The @FFXVEN UCE on the European store is now sold out.” It’s possible other regions may still have it, but it’s unlikely it will be available forever as these have been in very high demand.

A lot of people on Twitter are very annoyed on how they missed out on buying one since Square Enix’s website was not working at the time. Not to mention several units have made their way onto eBay already even though Square Enix said they wanted to avoid selling it to scalpers.

Square Enix was only able to make 10,000 more additional Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector’s Editions and this is going to be the final batch. This is because it takes a long time to manufacture the Noctis Play Arts Kai figure that it comes with.

Final Fantasy 15 comes out on September 30th, 2016 for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Hopefully other fans outside of Europe are luckier to secure a copy of this Collector’s Edition.

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