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Final Fantasy 7 Remake And Kingdom Hearts 3 Have Entered Significant Amount Of Development

| January 9, 2016

Final Fantasy 7 Remake And Kingdom Hearts 3 Have Entered Significant Amount Of Development News  Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Fans may not have to worry about the amount of time of development spent on Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Square Enix reckons a considerable amount has progressed for both games.

Tetsuya Nomura was interviewed by Famitsu (via KHInsider) about the future of Square Enix’s games and projects. He had some pretty decent news about the progress made on Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Nomura said: “Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake have entered a significant time of development, although like every year when it is in the middle of development, PR will release information to the public.”

The fact that development is progressing on both games is good news for fans. People have been waiting for many years on both games. Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced back at E3 2013, so it has been in development for a while. Hopefully this update means it’s not too much longer until the game comes out. Fingers crossed a 2017 release date is announced.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going nicely too at this stage. This game will be released in several parts so fans don’t have to wait an eternity to play it. A 2017 release for the first part seems likely as well to coincide with the original game’s 20th anniversary.

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  • mrvicchio

    Oh, boy. My favorite game going the Kingdom fail way… so not impressed.

    • Shadowknight1

      Oh yes, 14 seconds of combat gameplay is all you need to see to know that FF7 is ruined. 8-|

      • mrvicchio

        FF7 the button mashing, episodic game… yep, I think I CAN call it ruined. Oh, look… anothef game where you mash buttons till your fingers are numb. Strategy is to kite when its tough and time your button pushing with visual cues. Thats FF Baby! /smh

        • open minded

          Except they never actually said episodic, they said it would be broken into a series of games. Take the Legend of Heroes series, or Xeno Saga. Rather that is good or bad remains to be seen. Now if I get three epic games that combine to form a single narrative, then I would say it was a success.

        • Josh

          except that none of that is true. If you could even be bothered to read you would have known that the ATB gauge is stil intact and the character will not be able to attack again until the ATB gauge is triggered in some format which SE has not released details about yet. Just because they are trying to increase the speed and fluency of the battle system does not indicate they are turning it into a button masher. You are acting rabid just for the sake of being angry. We
          don’t know nearly enough about the game yet to be passing these kinds of
          judgments. We don’t know what episodic means. Episodic could mean different
          volumes and we have no idea what each installment is going to contain. We don’t
          know anything about the combat system, except for about 14 seconds of alpha
          footage they have put together. There are far too many unknown factors involved
          here to pretend like you have any idea what is going on. Quit jumping on the
          negativity hype bandwagon and wait to see the finalized product before you go
          judging something that hardly even exists outside of a basic foundation.

        • kurtsaidwhat

          Rofl, if you think it is just button mashing, you have never played Kingdom Hearts or Lightning Returns.

      • mrvicchio

        FF7 the button mashing, episodic game… yep, I think I CAN call it ruined. Oh, look… another game where you mash buttons till your fingers are numb. Strategy is to kite when its tough and time your button pushing with visual cues. Thats FF Baby! /smh

        • Manny Harrison

          That is why it is called a remake. If you do not like the direction it is going in, there is something you can play called FFVII HD Remaster, Out Now for PS4. :)

        • Shadowknight1

          Then there’s a perfectly good version of FF7 for you. Just dust off your PS1.

      • David

        I dare you not to buy it then!?

    • Snow

      Sadly this is how most of the FFVII whiney fan base sound. All they do is whine and complain. They completely overreacted when it was announced the game was going to be episodic without hearing the specifics about it. From the very small sample size we saw, I thought the game looked great! FFVII has the worse fan base ever.

      • open minded

        Sadly I have to agree with you, it seems they spend all of their time making up reasons not to like this game.

        • Snow

          It’s unfortunate with how much progress they’ve already made with the game and how good it looks thus far.

      • Amy Munro

        Perhaps I’m part of the smaller side of the fan base of FFVII then, because I’m super pumped about this remake.

        There’s nothing wrong with the story as is, but it would be so awesome to have the story we already have and more!

        • Snow

          Completely agree, and I’m excited as well! I think it has the potential to be my favorite game of all time. But obviously it’s too early to really know that.

      • Josh

        I would correct you by saying that gamers in general are some of the most unpleasable people in the world. It’s not just FF7. Can’t say I disagree with what you have to say though. Not nearly enough information has been released for us to determine what much of the game is going to look like yet.

        • Snow

          Very true, I may have over exaggerated by saying they were the worst fans. I’ve just seen so much complaining since some specifics about FFVII have been released that are unwarranted. But you’re right, a lot of gamers in general are that way.

      • Malachai

        Dont make your judgements of an entire group based off of a vocal minirity, please. I am a part of that fanbase, and am actually looking firward to this.

        • Snow

          I am apart of that fan base as well, and didn’t mean to offend you. I think it’s hard to deny that FFVII has one of the worst fan bases. Obviously I’m not talking about all of the fans, or even the majority, but it’s known how much FFVII fans like to complain. Most FVII fans I’ve had conversations with are the worst, and God forbid you give your opinion and say that you don’t think FFVII is the best of the series. It doesn’t have to be the majority to be true. Just giving my 2 cents though, plenty of great FFVII fans I know. I’ve just seen plenty of bad fans as well.

        • Snow

          I do agree though I shouldn’t of said most of the fan base. Should’ve said something like “a good chunk of FFVII fans”.

  • jay jones

    What’s the point of this article. I feel like its saying “Oh hey guys… you know those two games that everyone already knows are in development?? Well guess what… there in development!!” I can’t believe i wasted time even commenting on this.

    • HoistDude

      What it means is that they are have no point in giving a release date yet for these games. What it means is that both these games will likely not see a release in 2016 and will likely be released at the same time the Nintendo NX is also released.

  • Sora_Rei

    I’m excited for both games don’t know if I like that episodic idea for FF7 but hey looks good to me I’m hella stoked and kingdom hearts looks fucking beautiful might not be as good as KH2 but I can’t wait to finally progress further in the story of KH! And explore the new world of KH




    all u guys suck at judging games and know nothing about final fantasy u might as well stop playing it before u disgrace it more you n00bs



  • Noseph Jauh Rolan

    Are you guys kidding me? THIS GAME LOOKS AMAZING I just replayed the FF VII remaster on ps4 and I CANT WAIT for this remake. The tiny bit of battles we saw look awesome….are you really wanting an old JRPG style of battle where its their turn….now its your turn…now its their turn….. how boring and unrelalistic dude. I mean i’m still a fan and enjoy that but this direction is much more needed in a game with these type of graphics, scale and just for realism and FUN. They are releasing it in parts. Consider the world map of VII, consider the scale they have to make the game in now if they want to create a true remake of everything that it contained before. More and more of that huge world map will be opened as they release sections of the game at a time. Imagine the first episode ending when you complete MIdgar, then in the second episode you get a world map, not all of it will be traversable but you get the idea. They want to make this game epic, a game that will not disappoint true fans like us and they want to release a true full remake but they don’t want to make you wait 5 years to play this game that you are so hyped for when they can release large epic scale portions of this game, granting us hype worthy play and as a bonus for them they make more money along the way and when united through all of their efforts make possibly the best remake ever created in video game history. LEARN TO APPRECIATE WHAT IS GIVEN TO YOU. This never had to happen and if you are that upset over a battle system that is actually more fun and engaging to play that you don’t even know about then yes I dare you not to buy and play this remake because of your cry baby childish like mindset. <3

  • Zeryph

    For everybody complaining about the game being an Episodic button masher… Clean out your eyes and ears…

    The atb gauge is still in tact. Except now instead of standing in a line your characters are actually moving about fighting… Also Episodic is a game like Life is Strange or Walking Dead where you are getting small fragments of a single game.
    FF7 Remake is being made as a saga due to the amount of content and size of the original being redone with modern graphics and detail expectations… A Saga is multiple FULL GAMES ( yknow all the side quests and mini game goodness included.)… Please read more carefully and check the facts before you make idiotic uninformed posts…

  • BabyMagnum

    I came here to discuss hype and I see people complaining about a game that they haven’t even played yet :/

  • Designer Dragon

    All of FF7 or just Final Fantasy VII: Episode I: Part 1?

  • HoistDude

    Both of these games will be launch titles with the NX. That is why there is still no mention of a release date. Nintendo and Square have mended their relationship. Trust me, if they are putting it on Microsoft console, they will be looking to put it on an Nintendo console as well. If the NX is really coming in 2016 or 2017, then they will just put it on that system as well. This is the reason for the delay and why we still don’t have a release date yet.

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