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Final Fantasy Explorers Pre-order Incentive Announced

by Damian Seeto


There will be a very cool pre-order bonus for people that are choosing to buy Final Fantasy Explorers on the Nintendo 3DS.

Famitsu has announced that if you pre-order Final Fantasy Explorers, you will get a copy of the first Final Fantasy video game as well. The offer is included for all retail copies of the game. You will get a download code to redeem to play the first Final Fantasy video game.

The first Final Fantasy game also supports 3D view as well. A month after the release of Final Fantasy Explorers, the first Final Fantasy video game will be available for all to download on the eShop.

Famitsu also announced that buyers of Final Fantasy Explorers will also get a prologue for the game too. This acts as a sort of demo supports most of the features of the main game. This includes multiplayer, network features and more.

Final Fantasy Explorers hasn’t been announced for North America and Europe as of yet. It has a release date in Japan and will be coming out this December. Considering how popular the Final Fantasy franchise is worldwide, hopefully Square Enix announces a Western version for the game sometime in the near future.

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