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Final Fantasy IX is Now Available for IOS and Android

by Jason Eliason


Final Fantasy IX has been regarded as one of the best games in the franchise (currently the highest rated Final Fantasy game on Metacritic).  So it came with pleasant surprise when Square Enix finally released the RPG on Android and IOS earlier this morning.  It was announced back in late December that the game would receive a port to PC and mobile devices in 2016, but no release date was announced until the game was made available.

FFIX was originally released for Playstation back in 2000.  It has since seen a re-release on PlayStation 3 as a PSone Classic in 2010.  The game was praised for its classic play style, reminiscent to Final Fantasy’s earliest titles.  It juxtaposed Final Fantasy VIII, which was in development at the same time but took a more innovative approach to the franchise.

FFIX for mobile features a handful of new features, including a “High Speed Mode” and “No Encounter Mode”.  Additionally, the game’s cut scenes as well as character models have been remastered in HD.  Progress is saved automatically.  Though the game requires 4GB of memory, 8GB of free space is required to download it.  For both IOS and Android, FFIX currently costs 16.99 and will be available at a 20% discount between February 10th through the 21st.  As of now there is still no official release date for the upcoming PC port, though we know it will be released sometime this year.


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