Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’s File Size Has Now Been Confirmed

by Damian Seeto

The full file size for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has been confirmed, and it’s much larger than the PSP original.

A listing for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has now appeared on the Xbox Live Store. The Xbox One version clocks in at 22.5GB in file size. Chances are this is the same size the PS4 version will have as well. You will have to make sure you have enough space on your hard drive if you decide to buy the game digitally.

22.5GB for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is obviously far bigger than the original PSP version. The PSP version came on two UMDs and was roughly close to 2.6GB in size. The remake has used tons of higher resolution textures and more detailed character models.

Another thing released about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD today is the final Japanese trailer for the game. It’s only one more month until the game comes out worldwide.

The new Final Fantasy Type-0 HD trailer takes a look at the story and the characters that you will be in the game. It’s over three minutes long and is a good introduction for gamers that have never had a chance to play the original game. There is also a small teaser for the Final Fantasy XV demo.