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Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Get’s Official Launch Trailer

Less than a month away, the launch trailer drops.

by Alex Levine


We already know that the latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, Shadowbringers would be launching next month. Square Enix has decided to reveal as little more for their fans as they have officially unveiled the launch trailer for the upcoming add on.

The expansion adds two brand new jobs, the Gunbreaker which is considered a tank, and the Dancer which is a DPS (damage dealer). They will also introduce two brand new races, the Viera which are from the world of Ivalice, and the Hrothgar which are based on the Ronso tribes from Final Fantasy X. The setting brings the player to a new are called the First Star, which is supposed to be a mirror image of the source of the players home world.

The trailer shows numerous cinematics that pertain to the storyline of Shadowbringers as well as various landscapes that you’ll visit during the never ending questing of the game. This also includes new monsters and enemies, some of which are sure to be the strongest in the game thanks to the new level cap. Not mentioned was the new dungeons and Raids, which is the real end game content that players train and play through for hours and hours to prepare for, but as we inch closer to the release date, we’re sure to be in for more information in regards to this.

Final Fantasy Shadowbringers launches on July 2 for PC. You can check out the launch trailer here:

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