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Final Fantasy X’s Auron Is In The Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Trailer

by William Schwartz


Fans have been awaiting the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake since the announcement of PlayStation 3 with the tech demo that showed fans the potential of such a thing. Now that we know it is coming, fans have gone on to analyze the reveal trailer in greath depth, so much so that an interesting Easter Egg was found.

The news comes via NeoGaf where user DiipuSurotu posted an image which clearly points out Final Fantasy X‘s Auron in the background in one of the street scenes hiding in the right hand side. I even went ahead and looked in the video itself, you can see him at 1:16 into the trailer. You can even see it in the image above.

For those who haven’t played Final Fantasy X, Auron was Tidus’ caretaker and essentially played the role of mentor to the group in X. He also served as Guardian to the Summoner Yuna. NeoGaf is pretty interesting with a ton of speculation regarding the remake. A lot of it may be hopeful fanservice, but I guess we won’t know for quite some time.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release first on PlayStation 4. Why do you think that Auron is in the trailer? Simple cameo or is it a hint at more to come?

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