Final Fantasy XV Aiming For 1080p and 30fps

by Damian Seeto

Square Enix is hoping to make Final Fantasy XV 1080p and 30fps when the full game finally comes out in the near future.

Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata, held a Reddit AMA where he revealed even more facts about the game. He delved even further to what gamers can expect to see when the demo comes out too.

Tabata said their target for Final Fantasy XV is “full HD and 30fps“. This is their goal for when the full version finally comes out. However, he said reaching that goal might be “difficult to realize“. This is because of the “graphics and features” that Square Enix put into the game. Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 and Xbox One is 1080p and 30fps, so the target is achievable for a large scale game.

In terms of the Final Fantasy XV demo, Tabata confirmed that Noctis’ “Phantom Sword” will be available to use. A jump feature will also be available for players in the demo too.

Tabata is hoping to release the Final Fantasy XV demo as soon as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD comes out in March. Square Enix still hasn’t pinned down a definite release date for the demo just yet.

In terms of the final game, Tabata stressed they’re doing their best to “release it as soon as possible“. Let’s hope this means we don’t have to wait that much longer to play the full game.