Final Fantasy XV Demo Promises To Have Many Surprises And Easter Eggs

by Damian Seeto

The Final Fantasy XV demo that is due out next week promises to have a lot of surprises and even some easter eggs.

The latest issue of PlayStation Official Magazine UK has a new interview with Final Fantasy XV’s director, Hajime Tabata. The magazine asked Tabata if gamers can expect to see some easter eggs or other types of surprises when they explore the region of Duscae.

Tabata responded by saying: “They found all the special swords? A powerful enemy has already returned to take revenge in a different location? The man of that particular pair has already got in trouble? Exit and go to look for these and many other surprises …

From the sounds of that, the Final Fantasy XV demo will add some replay value. It might just be a demo, but the location is quite large. This will force players take their time and explore everything that the demo has to offer.

With the Final Fantasy XV demo offering easter eggs and surprises, this means the full game will have even more things for you to find. Many people were disappointed with the linear level design from Final Fantasy XIII. Fans shouldn’t be disappointed with Final Fantasy XV as the levels are larger and could have lots of secrets for you to discover.