Final Fantasy XV Demo Stream Airing February 20th

by Damian Seeto

Square Enix will be streaming a portion of the Final Fantasy XV demo later this month.

Square Enix will be showing us the control schemes in Final Fantasy XV on the next Active Time Report. The next Active Time Report is scheduled to air on February 20th in Japan. Expect to see more footage of the game next week as Square Enix will be streaming the event on YouTube.

Final Fantasy XV’s director, Hajima Tabata, will once again guide viewers to some more gameplay of the game. He will talk more about the game’s controls and will guide you through a portion of the demo. For anyone buying Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in March, you can have a small preview next week of what the demo for Final Fantasy XV has in store for you.

The Final Fantasy XV demo is said to be around two or three hours long in total. Square Enix won’t spoil everything for you just yet, but next week will enable you to see some of the game’s mechanics. The combat is different than in any other Final Fantasy game released to date. The game also has a huge open-world environment for you to explore too.

The demo will be available for you to play from March 17th. It comes as a download voucher with early copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

- This article was updated on February 12th, 2015