Final Fantasy XV To Have More “Realistic” Monsters

by Damian Seeto

A new job listing by Square Enix highlights that they want to make monster designs and animations to be more realistic in Final Fantasy XV.

The position is for a Game Designer for Final Fantasy XV, and the job description describes some of the specific things this person needs to do for the game.

An interesting point about the description is that they describe monsters and enemies more as “creatures” instead. They want to create an actual ecology in Final Fantasy XV so that creatures react to the world around them. They don’t want to just litter the game with enemies just put there in any random place like in other RPGs.

Square Enix also wants the Game Designer candidate to be able to create more “memorable” creatures for Final Fantasy XV. If there’s anything missing in modern games these days, it’s iconic looking enemies.

The other things noted in the job application are the credentials people need to apply for the Game Designer job. If you want a chance to work on Final Fantasy XV, you need to have experience in creating 3D animation. A high school graduate or higher is preferred and you have to submit your past portfolio of work too.

You probably need to understand Japanese as well since the job is located in Tokyo.