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Final Fantasy XV Playable Demo Coming In 2015

by Damian Seeto


Game Informer has revealed a bombshell that a playable demo for Final Fantasy XV will be available for gamers in 2015.

According to Game Informer, Square Enix is releasing a playable demo for Final Fantasy XV in 2015. The demo is called “Episode Duscae” and it will focus on the very early parts of the game. Some parts of the demo have been altered from the main game though, for progression purposes.

The Final Fantasy XV demo will be packaged with the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. This means both PS4 and Xbox One gamers will get a chance to play the demo simply by purchasing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Square Enix is using the same technique Konmai used many years ago. Konami packaged the demo of Metal Gear Solid 2 with Zone of the Enders. There were people out there that literally paid for Zone of the Enders just to play the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo. Pretty sure people will be willing to pay to play the Final Fantasy XV demo too.

The fact that Final Fantasy XV is getting a demo means Square Enix is inching closer to the game’s completion. The game was originally announced back at 2006 and has been in development hell for many years. This news means a release date is inching close.

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