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If Final Fantasy XV Were Released In 1997…

by Damian Seeto


Final Fantasy XV is obviously a new game using the latest hardware, although the game would look very different if it were to be released back in 1997.

A freelance animator by the name of Mark Jenkins has now re-imagined what it would have been like if Final Fantasy XV were to be released back in 1997. 1997 was the monumental year that Final Fantasy VII came out for the PSOne.

Jenkins’ Tumblr showcases his work looking at how Final Fantasy XV would look like on the PSOne. He showed the box-art for the game as well as many GIFs of the graphics.

Most of the work he did was based off of the car footage seen in Final Fantasy XV’s recent trailer. He also got heavy inspiration on the look and style of Final Fantasy VII as well. If the game were to be released for the PSOne one day, I’m sure many Final Fantasy fans will jump at the chance to buy it.

Final Fantasy XV the real game has no release date, but will be out for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. We will get a taste of the gameplay ourselves when the game’s demo will be packaged in with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD coming out in March 2015.

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