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Final Fantasy XV Screenshot Shows Off A Fearsome New Monster

by Damian Seeto


Square Enix has shared a new screenshot for Final Fantasy XV that looks at a fearsome monster that will be a part of the full game.

As shared on the game’s official Twitter page, this menacing looking monster is called the “Naga”.

Square Enix posted a description on the monster’s design on Instagram: “Shriek! Happy Halloween from Naga and the art team of FFXV! This monster resides in the dark – a contrast to the wildlife monsters –and it is an FFXV-quality, realistic representation of Amano-san’s original artwork. Art Director Tomohiro Hasegawa states that the most challenging thing in creating this asset was to make it look real while maintaining the coquettishly scary feel of Amano-san’s original artwork. One wrong step could have turned being coquettishly scary into being very comical, we painstakingly worked to find the right balance. Look deep into its eyes for a haunting Halloween!

This creepy looking monster looks tough. It was not featured in Final Fantasy XV’s demo so the full game will be the first time that players get a chance to face off against it. It will be interesting to see what type of attacks it will dish out to Noctis and his gang.

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