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Final Fantasy XV Switch Project Teased By Director

by Jelani James


Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata and the rest of the team have been really putting in a lot of work on expanding the title and its universe recently, announcing a mobile version of FFXV and a PC version that’s in the works. Up to this point, the only platform that has nothing to do with FFXV was the Nintendo Switch and even that might be a thing of the past if recent comments by Tabata are to be taken at face value.

During Final Fantasy XV’s Twitch live stream at Gamescom 2017 earlier today, a user asked if there any other projects planned for FFXV in the future. This question prompted Tabata to state that the development team wants to do as much as it can with the universe and that added that they really like the game console with the name that sounds like “Twitch,” so it is something that they are properly thinking about at the moment.

Unfortunately, he preceded this comment by stating that he couldn’t go into any further detail, so whatever he and the rest of the team are truly planning will likely be under wraps for quite some time.

Here’s the clip where it all went down:

Despite what he said, there is little to no reason not to at least expect some type of FFXV-related project to hit the Switch at this point. Since its launch, Final Fantasy XV has seen received various updates, spin-offs and DLC, with more on the way. Furthermore, Nintendo is no stranger to Final Fantasy spin-offs, with the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Crystal Chronicles and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings gracing its consoles and handhelds in the past. And if you consider that Switch can be used a handheld, it almost seems like a Final Fantasy XV Switch title, despite it only being around for a few months.

Regardless, don’t take precedence or Tabata’s musings as confirmation for a Final Fantasy XV Switch title, as the most effort the team has done towards such a project is merely thinking about it.

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