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Final Fantasy XV Announced for PC

by Jose Belmonte


Square Enix has finally announced on Gamescom 2017 the release of a PC version of Final Fantasy XV. The megaseller RPG is coming to Windows Store, Steam, and Origin, with the highest graphic advancements and even some additions like first-person mode. The game will launch on early 2018 and it will likely come with the updates to the base game that have been made to the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

The graphic improvements that presents the game at “Ultimate Quality” consist on the adoption of 4K High-Resolution textures, and the DOLBY Atmos sound system, and a collaboration between Square Enix and NVIDIA GameWorks has made possible to achieve advanced grass, hair, combustible fluid, fire, and smoke simulation, while introducing advanced shadow algorithms, high quality ambient occulusion and versatile screenshot captures.

Final Fantasy XV launched last year for PS4 and Xbox One to great success, and through the following months has become one of the main factors for Square Enix to reach record profits. The company has a long-term strategy for the title, expanding the base game with separate DLC chapters that present unique gameplay experiences, an upcoming online multiplayer mode, and a growing list of spin offs for other platforms, like smartphones and VR devices.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition launches on early 2018 for Windows Store, Steam, and Origin. Watch the trailer below.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition – Ultimate Quality & Beyond with NVIDIA Tech

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