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Final Fantasy XV Will Have Airships, Plus The Car Is Customizable

by Damian Seeto


Final Fantasy fans will be happy to know that Final Fantasy XV will bring back the airships that have been missing from the series in recent years.

Finaland had a chance to inteview Hajime Tabata about Final Fantasy XV. Tabata was recently attending the Paris Games Week earlier this month and was available to answer questions from a ton of media outlets. Finaland had a chance to talk about the vehicles that appear in the game.

First of all, Tabata said that the car you see in Final Fantasy XV is “customizable“. He didn’t go into further detail on this, but described the car as a “fifth character and the fifth companion“. He said the car will be around with you throughout the entire game so that’s cool to hear.

From the trailers we have seen from Final Fantasy XV so far, the car is black. It would be cool if you can add different colors if that’s part of the “customization” Tabata is referring to.

As for airships in Final Fantasy XV, they are in the game but are related to the “opposing faction in the game and the story“. He didn’t want to share anymore details, but said they will reveal more on it later.

This could suggest Noctis and the gang could steal an airship later on in the game and use it to fly around. We’ll wait for more details to see if that’s a scenario that could happen in Final Fantasy XV.

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