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Final Fantasy XV Will Have A Huge Presence At Gamescom

by Damian Seeto


Square Enix has revealed a full schedule for Final Fantasy XV at Gamecom 2015. The game will have a huge presence at next month’s big event.

Nova Crystallis has posted Square Enix’s plan for showing Final Fantasy XV and a lot of events are being shown for it. Some big news is expected to be revealed.

On several days, there will be lots of YouTube and Twitch personalities doing a Let’s Play for the Episode Duscae demo. For fans they never played the demo, you can see how the game is shaping up to be like.

Alternatively, demo stations will be at Gamescom for people to try out. This will be version 2.0 of the demo so people can experience the newer features that were added back in May.

Wednesday August 5th will be an important day as this is when Square Enix will be doing the official Final Fantasy XV Stage Show. There will also be an Active Time Report after the main show happening at 6pm. This day will probably be when all the big stuff gets announced.

Thursday August 6th is more livestream stage shows with internet personalities. The only interesting part is the Q&A session that is happening with the development team at 3pm.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all pretty similar on structure as there will be more stage shows, livestreams, Q&A sessions and even cosplay shows as well. It should be a fun time for Final Fantasy fans that plan on going to Gamescom.

Hopefully a release date is announced next month as people have been waiting for this game for nearly a decade now.

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