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Final Killer Instinct Season 3 Character Revealed

by Mike Guarino


The EVO Championships took place recently, and amidst all of the battling came some pretty awesome announcements. One of the announcements had to do with the finale of Killer Instinct season 3, with the season’s final character being released soon.

The final character of season 3 will be Eyedol, and will be available to download on July 22nd for those who own the Ultra or Supreme Editions of the game. Everyone else will have to wait a week to get him, with the character being available to everyone on July 29th.

The release of Eyedol is a big milestone for this new version of Killer Instinct, as it means that every character that has ever been available in previous Killer Instinct games is now available in this new version. He’s the 8th character of the season, and originally appeared as the final boss in the original Killer Instinct.

For those who are looking to jump into the Killer Instinct series, a Definitive Edition of the game is set to launch on September 20th for Xbox One. This new version of the game includes all previous DLC on one disc, including all updates and patches from the first 3 seasons.

Check out Eyedol’s trailer below.

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