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How To Find The Story Mode In Street Fighter 5; Patch 1.04 Is Now Live

by Damian Seeto


Unlike other free content, the story mode in Street Fighter 5 is not included automatically in update patch 1.04. Here is a few tips for those that are wondering where it is.

The SFV Server Twitter page announced: “You can find the SFV “General Story” DLC in the “New Add-On > All” section of the PSN store. You need the DLC and 1.04 patch to play. Thanks

Before you find the story mode, you have to install update patch 1.04 which is available now. The update is quite large as the story mode is close to 8GB in size. If you have slow internet, it’s best to download it while you are sleeping or at work/school. That way, you can wake up or come back home with everything installed.

Aside from the story mode, the likes of Balrog and Ibuki are now available for purchase on the game’s store. Several other new characters are playable in the Story mode, but they won’t be available fully until later this year.

The SFV Server page also tweeted this about costumes: “[CAUTION] When purchasing Balrog’s “Battle Costume” on PSN it shows an image of his “Story Costume” and vice versa. Sorry for the mix up.” Make note of this if you are going to buy his costumes in Street Fighter 5 today.

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