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First Teaser of World End Syndrome Released

by Jose Belmonte


Arc System Works has shared the first details of World End Syndrome, a new visual novel coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch and PSVita in Japan next year. The game is set in the fictional seaside town of Mihate-chou, where the protagonist has moved to live with his unknown uncle after a mysterious incident. There he meets two girls who become his friends, and the way the player treats them will determine the future of the story.

The girls are called Maimi Kusunose and Miu Amana. Maimi is the protagonist’s cousin and is the most extrovert of the two. She ends up living in the same house of the protagonist and seems to be a very popular person not only among boys but with girls also. Miu, on the other hand, is very introvert and seems isolated from other people from the town. She works part-time at a cafe where the protagonist can get to know her better.

Arc System is also launching a regular web program fewaturing interviews with voice actresses Hisako Tojo and Shiroi Izawa, with the first episode being available now on Youtube.

World End Syndrome launches next year in Japan for PS4, PSVita and Nintendo Switch.


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