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Five Against All in latest Gears of War 3 Trailer

by William Schwartz

The latest trailer for Gears of War 3 has recently been revealed, and it shows off more of the newly revamped Horde 2.0 mode that is coming to the game.  Bodycount appropriately provides the audio track for the content which details the dismemberment of locust baddies as the Delta Squad fights to fend off their position using all of the new gadgetry provided them in the new game mode.

The song which was created specifically for the game by Bodycount, appears that it’s going to be the theme music for the upcoming release.  You’ll likely get to hear more of it as marketing for the game ramps up heading into the September release.

For more details on the Horde 2.0 mode, you can check out our preview of the game.  Gears of War 3 is coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 on September 11th.

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