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Former Call Of Duty Developers At Reload Studios Announce World War Toons

by William Schwartz


Reload Studios has announced World War Toons, a cartoony look at the grit of war that was built from the ground up to work with VR devices for total immersion.

Reload Studios, features talent from across the industry, one of the co-founders,Taehoon Oh, was a lead artist at Infinity Ward and worked on six different Call Of Duty projects over his ten years at the company. The company’s lead designer Chetan Bedi, was a lead on Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts as well. So the studio has a lot of experience with first-person and the whole war environment. However, taking it to a toon aspect is completely different with World War Toons.

The goal with World War Toons was to create a fun experience and it looks rather entertaining. Check out what Executive Producer, Pete Blumel had to say.

“Our goal is to make something fun and accessible for everyone. We’re excited to be trying things that are still new to the medium. From its very inception, the team has strived to take full advantage of the amazing presence and sense of immersion offered by emerging virtual reality hardware.”

Check out the announcement trailer for World War Toons, sadly no gameplay yet.

The title will also receive a non-VR release, but in what form we do not know. No word on what other platforms but it will be at least available on PC with Oculus Rift support. For more information check out the official website for World War Toons and stay tuned to the Reload Studios Twitter.

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