Forspoken: Everything We Learned About Frey’s Magic in the Deep Dive Trailer

All Frey's parkour abilities announced in the trailer

by Christian Bognar


Developers of Forspoken, Luminous Productions, showcased Frey’s magic abilities regarding parkour in a recent trailer. The traversal around the map is starting to look exciting while using these abilities, making it fast-paced and action-based. We learned a lot from the trailer and want to share everything you can expect from the upcoming anticipated title regarding magic.

Everything We Learned About Frey’s Magic

Frey is transported from the typical city of New York to a mystical land called Athena. When she wakes up in this mysterious world, she seems to have many powers at her disposal. Most importantly, she can use these powers to parkour around the map. Here are the magic parkour abilities we learned about and the details of each.


This magic ability is the primary way to sprint. It allows her to move at high speeds and is the first step in making complex maneuvers while climbing and jumping. Tapping into this skill will require stamina, adding a strategic nature to the ability, like the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s climbing stamina mechanic. The more she uses this ability to perform parkour moves, the more her stamina bar will be depleted, limiting the number of powers players can operate simultaneously.


Specific parkour abilities will help with stamina management — one of those is the Rush ability. Using this will cause Frey to move even faster by releasing a burst of energy and replenishing her stamina, making this very useful in traversing the open world.


With the Shimmy ability, Frey can accelerate rapidly by bouncing off the ground to gain momentum. This ability will be perfect for covering large distances in a single jump without stamina.


This ability can soften any fall for Frey, allowing her to fall from any height and remove fall damage. This will be helpful to save stamina, because instead of sprinting you will be able to just jump off the mountain to the ground.


Frey can glide across the rivers and lakes in-game with this ability by summoning what looks like a surfboard of magical power. Since this is an ability, it looks like Frey will not be able to swim in-game without it.


This ability seems essential in combat, as she can use it to grab objects away from the battle, pulling herself out of harm’s way to safety. This can also be a quick way to travel up mountains like a zipline. This will be an essential ability to reach important items out of Frey’s reach.


With Soar, Frey can kick off either mountains or rocks to make her way to the top in quick succession. Just another way to get to the highest point quickly. Pressing the button repeatedly is how this ability will be used effectively.


This will shoot Frey into the air, which looks like it will come in handy in combat. She will shoot herself above the enemies, giving her the upper hand from above and acting as a great defensive mechanic.

Spell Craft Challenges

Players can upgrade these abilities through Spell Craft Challenges. Upgrading these abilities will reduce her stamina consumption and give her a much quicker recovery rate, increasing the speed she travels across the map. Completing these challenges will be crucial for surviving in the world in both navigation and speed in combat.

Those are all the parkour abilities mentioned in the trailer. These parkour moves can be used together, allowing the player to create various combinations. Mastering these moves will be the key to becoming strong in this game. Forspoken is looking great, and we can’t wait for its release in 2023. Developer Luminous Productions and publisher Square Enix are behind it, so it’s in good hands.

Forspoken will release January 24, 2023 for PlayStation 5, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 27th, 2022

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