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Free Holiday Prize Vehicles Available in War Thunder

by Danny Vittore


As a part of their holiday celebrations, War Thunder are offering two limited edition vehicles for free to be obtained after completing a set of challenges. Historically, such vehicles have remained unobtainable after its initial offering, so if you’re at all interested, get it quick!

In order to get it, as mentioned above, you’re going to need to complete a set of challenges. These challenges aren’t the simplest, which is why its being called a marathon. There are 2 set of 19 tasks, one for the I-301 Russian fighter and one for the M8A1 American howitzer carriage, and completing all 19 tasks of one set will net you the vehicle automatically. Also, every time you complete a task, you have a chance of getting the vehicle, thus not necessitating doing all the tasks, which can be quite a grind as the available tasks so far are:




130 kills while flying Spitfires40 kills while driving Т-34s
230 kills while flying P-400 or Airacobras40 kills while driving T-28, SMK or T-35
330 kills while flying Bf 109s40 kills while driving PzKpfw IVs
430 ground units destroyed while flying Ju 87s40 kills while driving any US tank from Era I + M5A1 and M4A1
530 kills while flying Zeroes40 kills while driving Soviet Tank Destroyers
630 air kills in US Naval Fighters40 kills while driving German Medium Tanks
730 air kills while flying Yaks40 kills while driving KV Tanks

New challenges will be announced every day up to the 11th of January and you can complete the tasks in any order up to then, so get rolling and flying and get those vehicles, of which you will find images for right here:





Will you be attempting to get your hands on either the I-301 or the M8A1 in War Thunder? Let us know in the comments below!

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