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Free To Play Tekken Revolution Game On PS3 Shutting Down Its Servers In 2017

by Damian Seeto


Bandai Namco has announced on Facebook that the free to play Tekken Revolution video game on PS3 will be shutting down next year.

Bandai Namco said: “We would like to inform you that service and content support for TEKKEN Revolution on the PlayStation 3 will begin to stop soon. We will keep the online servers running for fans who have downloaded TEKKEN Revolution to continue to enjoy the game until March 21, 2017 at which point all service for the game will end. Thank you for supporting us and get ready for the next battle in 2017!

If you don’t remember, Tekken Revolution was a PS3 exclusive and was a great way for new gamers to get introduced to the franchise. It was essentially a free version of Tekken Tag Tournment 2 but without the tag gimmick.

Most of the fighters appeared in the main games before, but one significant addition was the character of Eliza. She was a vampire-like girl that the fans voted to be in the game.

It’s also worth mentioning that with the servers down in March 2017, this is a good indication that Tekken 7 will be out very soon. Usually game publishers/developers shut down servers for old games when a new one is due out.

Bandai Namco has yet to make an announcement on the release date of Tekken 7, but they have said it will be out in early 2017. It’s more than likely it will be out sometime between the months of February or March.

Tekken 7 has been in development for quite a while now as Bandai Namco has been adding lots of characters and an epic story mode. In the future, there will of course be DLC released so don’t be too worried if your favorite fighter is unavailable at launch.

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