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Friday The 13th Gets All Paranoid in New Mode

by Jose Belmonte


Gun Media is teasing a new game mode for Friday The 13th with a series of messages on social media focused on the concept of ‘Paranoia.’ While the company has still not revealed all the details of this new approach, it is speculated that the main idea behind this mode is some sort of hidden objective by one of the players, which would be more in line with the killing instincts of Jason rather than the survival of the group. Furthermore, the company is promoting this new addition with the hashtag #whoisfiVe.

Instead of offering actual gameplay footage, the teaser is an artistic video highlighting the Paranoia theme, and reminiscing of the artstyle of classic mystery films from the 50s and 60s, like Vertigo, using the song Suspiria (Theme) from Goblin as background.

Friday The 13th, adapts the infamous horror movie series into an online multiplayer game, in which players need to use their creativity and survival skills to escape the Camp Crystal Lake alive. In order to run away from Jason, players have a variety of weapons available to knock him out or at least slow him down. The environments also offer multiple ways to hide or obtain new and useful items, some of them needed to escape.

The new game mode will be released as a DLC at no charge for owners of the game. Friday The 13th is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Friday the 13th: The Game – Paranoia

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