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Friday the 13th: The Game Offers Free Content as Apology for Server Problems

by Dylan Siegler


Gun Media and IllFonic, the developers behind the recently released Friday the 13th: The Game, recently issued an apology for the game’s “rocky launch.” Apparently, they didn’t anticipate the game becoming as popular as it did and their servers weren’t prepared for it. So all their servers crashed. Needless to say, this made online play difficult.

To rectify this, Gun Media and IllFonic are offering a bunch of free content for Friday the 13th: The Game owners. This content includes two new outfits for each counselor, 13,000 CP (in-game currency) and the chance to get double the amount of XP this weekend, from Friday, June 23 through Sunday, June 25. Also, Jason will get a free Retro Jason Skin, which shows him sporting a purple outfit akin to the one he wears in 1989’s Friday the 13th game for NES. Along with the retro skin will be a chiptune music track by Mitch Murder.

All of this content is free for all platforms Friday the 13th: The Game is available on (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC) and is available now. Gun Media and IllFonic also want players to know that they will “continue to improve and fix” the game. You can watch their official apology/update video below.

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