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Sony says The Last Guardian rumors are purely speculative

by William Schwartz


Over on E3 Insider, the official website for the upcoming tradeshow, the online publication indicated that Sony would have news for those awaiting The Last Guardian. While early headlines took that story and ran with it, Sony has since refuted the rumors, calling them “purely speculative”.

“I’m afraid the listing is purely speculative,” according to an official statement from Sony. So what’s this mean for the future of The Last Guardian? It could just be Sony trying to keep the element of surprise on their side, or it could be that the company has nothing to share at the upcoming expo.

Sony has continued to say that The Last Guardian is still very much alive. However, the development of the game has seen its fair share of troubles over the years. And years it has been. The Last Guardian was announced all the way back at E3 2009, and fans have been waiting patiently through waves of bad news about progress on the game.

If we are to hear something about The Last Guardian, we’ll likely hear it at Sony’s press conference ahead of E3.

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