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Future PS4 Update Features Potentially Revealed Via Surveys

by Damian Seeto


Some future PS4 update features may have been revealed with some surveys that are being sent out to several PlayStation Plus members.

As revealed by GearSiege, Sony is sending out surveys to certain PlayStation Plus members that hint about future features that will be available on upcoming PS4 updates.

The features listed are:Discounts on PS Hardware and Accessories (controllers, and headsets), Participate in monthly PS Plus contests to win prizes, PS+ knowledge base, a forum for PS Plus members, Discounts on Sony products such as TV’s, Cameras etc.

Discounts on lifestyle products such as fast food, movie tickets etc, Participate in PS Plus gaming tournaments to win amazing prizes, Get free movies every month and Discounts on popular streaming services like Netflix, Spotify etc

As you can see above, Sony might be trying to discount more things on the PSN for PlayStation Plus members. Right now, the only discounts they get are for some games. PS Plus members also get a host of free games each and every month.

With PlayStation Plus now mandatory for PS4 online multiplayer, more people have become subscribers. With more discounts being offered, this might entice people to stay as active members.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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