Future Stonehearth Content Announced

by AOTF Staff

Tom Cannon, Radiant Entertainment’s co-founder, has recently confirmed the features which are being worked on for Stonehearth.

Despite Alpha 7 only just being released, Team Radiant has mapped out what content they will be adding in the next two patches. Plenty of discussion was being made on the official Stonehearth forums of what gamers would like to see in the alpha 8 and 9 builds. Before long the co-founder had thanked those participating in the thread and released an outline of Radiant’s plan of action.

Alpha 8 will be focused around ores. Copper, iron and gold ores will be added into the game alongside coal. These will in turn be used by the new profession, which will be brought in by the alpha 8 patch, the blacksmith. Already designed Cannon has revealed both cooper and iron armor are ready to go in terms of having assets and scripting. Alpha 8 will also bring in better military controls, to go with the new armor and weapons players will be able to craft.

Alpha 9 will bring in features revolving around making the world a more interesting place to explore and also add-in the first ranged unit, the archer! Both patches should add more variety to the game. However, the blacksmith is most likely the feature to watch in terms of huge new steps forward in gameplay adding items that add important stats to Stonehearth.

- This article was updated on January 14th, 2015