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Gamers Choose PS4 Over Xbox One Because Of Resolution, While Wii U Adds Fun Factor

| February 26, 2015

Gamers Choose PS4 Over Xbox One Because Of Resolution, While Wii U Adds Fun Factor News  Xbox One WIIU PS4

Nielsen did a study recently asking people the reasons why they bought one console over the other. It appears the most important reason among PS4 gamers was its resolution.

Nielsen asked people over the age of 13 what were the deciding factors on their 8th generation console purchases. The superior resolution was PS4 buyers’ main reason for getting the console. The Xbox One’s driving factor was its own brand. Wii U buyers just wanted to buy a console that was fun.

The full results of the survey are quite interesting to read. It appears all three camps value different things.

Reasons why people buy a PS4:

1) Resolution
2) Blu-ray Player
3) Game Library
4) Faster Processing Power
5) What Family Wants

Reasons why people buy an Xbox One:

1) Brand
2) Innovative Features
3) Faster Processing Power
4) Exclusive Games/Content
5) Fun-Factor

Reasons why people buy a Wii U:

1) Fun-Factor
2) Better of Kids
3) Price/Value
4) Backwards Compatibility
5) Exclusive Games/Content

PS4 gamers are an interesting bunch. Aside from resolution, they like having a Blu-ray player around. The game library was also important, but it looks like they don’t care if they’re exclusive or not.

Xbox One buyers are loyal to the brand. They also like the innovative features as well as the exclusive games. The only conflicting factor is the “faster processing power”. PS4 buyers noted this too. Both parties feel their console is faster than the other…

It looks like Wii U buyers feel that the console is cheap and more fun for kids. They also like the fact that it’s backwards compatible too.

Which 8th generation console did you buy and why did you choose one over the other?

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  • JCheezy

    Kinda proves everyone’s point that the X1 is on an entirely different level. Great article. Top 2 PS reasons, resolution and Blue Ray player….haha says no true gamer ever. Gavel slams, case over!!!

    • Country Boy Lucifer

      1. brand (blindly following brand ignoring facts)
      2. Innovative features (fair comment to a degree)
      3. faster processing power (completely false lol)
      4. Exclsuive games/content (where?)
      5. Fun Factor (all consoles have the fun factor)


      1. resolution (fact)
      2. blue ray player (great feature, always has been)
      3. Game library (biggest and arguably best of any next gen console)
      4. faster processing power (fact)
      5. what family wants (no shit sherlock, have you seen the sales?)

      seems to me reasons to own an xbox given by xbox owners are either stupidity, opinion, completely false or all 3.

      • Fox

        1. If anyone thinks that the PS4 has a good exclusive game collection, theyre dellusional. No one gives a fuck about indie shit games that could play on a PS2. X1 dominates in the games sections. And it not even close.

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          Well to be fair a lot of people give a shit about indies, you are aware indies don’t just mean 16 bit graphics? just you seem like one of those ignorant types.


          even without indies xbox has virtually no true exclusive games (most are on PC) and 2015 they have zero exclusive games coming out until the end of the year.

          PS4 on the other hand has a ton of exclusives (true exclusives and console exclusives)

          these are facts bro ;)

          • Johnny

            No those are not facts just your opinion.

          • Country Boy Lucifer


            The 2 things I claimed as fact are both absolute facts…..

          • Johnny

            Really?? You are a true believer aren’t you? You really buy into this console war b.s. don’t you? Man you really do have a polluted mind then. You ponies really are master race wannabes. Hahaha you have to be a complete tool to believe what you posted as fact, jeeze at least I can admit to being troll. What you going to do next at GDC and they announce DX12 will make all the games going foward for Xbox one 1080p 60fps? What then because your PlayStation isn’t doing it now even with its exclusives. What’s going to be your next delusion, my 5 hour exclusive is better then yours?

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Well johnny my boy first of all you’re assuming I’m a fanboy. I’m not.

            Check my comments I have an Xbox one, its a great console I just think ps4s are better.

            I’m looking forward to dx12 but don’t expect a big boost to the x1 because Phil himself said not to.

            Doesn’t matter how you look at it ps4 has the faster processing power and has consistently better resolution. That is a fact, not opinion…pure fact.

            Sorry to burst your bubble johnny boy ;)

          • Dennis

            Awe, come on, no love for the TurboGrafx-16?!?

          • Those cards it came with, man.

          • Johnny

            Hahaha and facts first owns a PS4 hahahahaha you must think I just fell off the turnip truck. LOL ?

          • Country Boy Lucifer


            Dude just look at my previous comments. I’m not a pony, I’m not an xbot.

            I think both consoles are great, I game on PC as well. I just genuinely think the ps4 is better. I’ll get multiplats on ps4 for obvious reasons but I can’t wait for halo, scalebound.

            My big issue is with fanboys like you, hate em.

            Want to add me on live?

          • Bitter Grapefruit

            your the only fanboy here to the extent your implying!!!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Lol what? That makes no sense

          • Johnny

            Fanboys like me? Dude I’m just freaken troll, I already told you that. I could gives a @#$% less about console wars, sales numbers, resolution. All I care about is gaming, great games what ever system there on and in fact I wanna see innovation and new AAA titles. I wanna see us move away from these silly discussions and talk about games and features and what makes them fun to play and what games make us not want to leave the house and feel the sun on our skins ever. But no we only have console wars, that’s all this community and the web is about anymore. As my man said, don’t hate the player, hate the game. Sure send me a gamer tag.

          • GK15

            No shit, you got an XB1? I still plan on getting a PS4 when I have more time. XB1 will stay my main for multiplats and stuff, but I look forward to getting a PS4 eventually. I’d get one now, but I wouldn’t use it that much as I don’t have the time so it would be a waste.

            What’s your Live ID?

          • Dennis


          • Omar

            Hoppsy, ur wrong about the faster processor. In terms of clock speed, XB1 is faster which comes in handy with CPU intensive games or scenes(specifically where a lot of NPC’s are located) in a game like AC Unity (still crap on any platform) and certain parts of GTA5. I thought u knew this already. Ur a kinda smart guy.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            See my other comment to you

          • defensivebotsarefunny

            Yet more games that are coming out the PS4 holds its frames better with a higher res, did you know its because of the PS4s unified memory architecture?? I thought you were a smart guy and would know this

          • Omar

            See, ur assuming I didn’t know that the PS4 has more raw power than XB1. Why is that? Because I’m speaking solely of the faster clock speed of the CPU? We’re talking about the question asked to gamers and their response, not who’s the biggest fanboy here. And ur not entirely accurate in ur comment about holding frames better at the same time as running at a higher res. Arguing about the power of these consoles is currently pointless since neither of them has hit 1080p/60fps with any noteworthy game. Maybe in the future we’ll see something different but the limitations of both systems are apparent and the differences in their graphical power haven’t been shown to be tremendous yet. Maybe that’ll change with Uncharted 4 but we’ll have to see. Right now, they’re just too close to realm argue about and only fanboys complain or boast about the marginal differences shown thus far.

          • defensivebotsarefunny

            You tried to make it sound like the faster clock speed on the Xbox One is making a difference in your statement! and listing 2 games which one of them was crap on all including PC, GTV they both had their fair share of drops and Xbox One version had alot of foliage missing! I’m not entirely right means I’m right but you don’t wana admit it, i follow up on digital foundry comparisons and more games run better on ps4 with higher res and held their frames better to! I mean next gen and you got games than run at 720p haha Arguing about the power of them isn’t pointless when it comes to gaming, you’re just indenial!

          • FloridaSun72

            Its sad that xbots actually believe the X1 is magically going to do 1080p 60fps through an update. That shit hardware isnt going to get better.

          • Johnny

            You know what is even sadder is fools like yourself that like to chime in with nothing of value to add in. But your a mindless little drone therefore really not worth my time to explain what has already been answered already but someone alot more educated then ourselves already, happy times indeed. Ignorance is bliss as they say. Happy Gaming!

          • FloridaSun72

            Dont get mad at me. Your the ones that keep supporting a company who treats their gaming division as some sort of hobby or side project. MS has little to no regards to the fans or else they wouldnt have given you a console thats more media machine and went cheap on the hardware. I swear they act like they are having money problems the way they nickel and dime without giving equal value in return.

          • Johnny

            Insert eye roll pffffff

          • FloridaSun72

            Your as indifferent as your favorite company. A perfect MS customer, dont ask questions just hand over the cash.

          • Johnny

            Oh yes ? Microsoft = the great Satan arguments. Get a education or maybe that’s why your so mad because Microsoft didn’t pay for it therefore you can’t understand software engineering and have no real knowledge of history and the rise of modern computing and the rise of the personal PC or gaming in general and that if Microsoft bothers you so much you shouldn’t use the internet or even play video games in general because guess what? By doing so you are unintentionally supporting the great Satan. So maybe you should move to the middle east and join Isis you ape.

          • Ignorance at its finest.

          • Steven Hiller

            So Microsoft is evil for using a cheap amd chip but Sony is great for copying the identical chip? How do you explain that to yourself?

          • Mordarkeen

            And you’re still giving Sony more and more money for broken online and overpriced deals.
            PC Master Race shill.

          • “Your the ones that keep supporting a company who treats their gaming division as some sort of hobby or side project.”

            Wasn’t there just an article saying how they want it to be the best platform they can make it?

            “MS has little to no regards to the fans or else they wouldnt have given you a console thats more media machine and went cheap on the hardware.”

            Dude, have you missed the monthly updates, better discounts, etc.? They went cheap with hardware because they’re a SOFTWARE company, that and the fact that they went with weaker hardware to help it perform certain functions better.

            ” I swear they act like they are having money problems the way they nickel and dime without giving equal value in return.”

            I love how you act like you know everything about it when you don’t even know it.

          • And it already did on certain titles.
            Its pathetic how obsessed you are over graphics anyway.

          • Steven Hiller

            Actually the Xbox 360 magically did 1080p through an update. Isn’t it amazing how quickly we forget history.

          • ?????’s mother

            lmao 63 guest votes. Be less obvious. :)

          • Wow. 63 upvotes?

          • JCheezy

            There you go again bully. Someone gives there opinion and you call them “One of those ignorant types”. Same Ol Hoppsy I see……..Que pouty face?

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            No I called him ignorant for saying no one gives a fuck about Indies. Huge difference my little homophobe ;)

          • JCheezy

            Hey, dont call me little you bully

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Oh sorry, big homophobe ;)

          • Bitter Grapefruit

            all you are s a douche bag troll! go to another site where theres more like yourself!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Ahhh your name says it all. Bitter…

          • Bitter Grapefruit

            Listen to her go!

        • RICK RUDE

          Actually WiiU dominates.

        • Christopher F.

          Hi, I’m a person and I could not care less about Halo. I find first person shooters to be a crappy genre to start with, and as someone who is actually an adult that can pay for his own systems and games, I would rather get kicked in the balls than listen to a bunch of idiotic kids screaming slurs at each other.

          So yeah, why would I want an Xbone again?

        • Wizard of Peace

          If you don’t give a shit about indies your not a gamer.

          • Gimme my 7 Days to Die and the Forest. These games are awesome.
            I’m a sucker for open-world survival games. lol.

      • doplerradar

        I find it odd that Blu-Ray is at #2 for PS4 but not for Xbox One.

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          It might have something to do with the ps3 being the only blue ray system so having a blue ray player was one of the things on the minds of ps4 purchasers.

      • JCheezy

        Thanks for solidifying my fact about PS owners bully.

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          No problem homophobe ;)

      • For exclusive content, there’s Fifa, Evolve, The Division, and COD if you’re into that.
        I could also see why people would follow their preferred brand, probably to keep their profile? IDK. Just a guess.
        Happy gaming.

        • En person :)

          I won’t ever buy a console for its exclusive content though. Getting another gun for your character isn’t exactly worth it.

          • Honestly, same here. I really don’t give a crap about any exclusive content no matter what platform it is. But it is nice to have it if you happen to own the system.
            But I can live without it.

      • Omar

        Actually, its known that XB1 has a faster processor since they over locked the CPU to 1.75GHz while Sony left theirs at 1.6Ghz. So technically, XB1 has a faster clock. Sony has the stronger GPU. So the Xbox fans were right in this particular instance while the PS fans were wrong.

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          Actually Omar processing power comes from CPU and the system architecture and due to numerous choices that ms made including bottle necking with esrm and heavy OS the ps4 has the faster real time processing power ;)

          • Omar

            Yes, I know processing power comes from both, especially with the unified architecture, however actual processing speed is the question in the survey and that goes to XB1. This has been discussed on quite a few sites. Obviously I’m not saying XB1 is more powerful because it isn’t. Merely speaking technically about clock speed on the CPU which has shown to have a slight advantage in one area but not overall.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            The question is which has the faster processing power. due to choices that ms made with the architecture the ps4 actually has the faster processing power.

            Xbox 1 has a slightly faster processor but the actual processing power of the hardware is less than the ps4’s

            I can link you to a few tech sites that explain it better than I can if you like?

          • Omar

            I don’t need the link Hoppsy. Its obvious that I’m being literal here due to the question asked. If u haven’t noticed already, I’m not debating u on which system is more powerful yet u keep trying to tell me. We could be at this all day but I have to get to work. Enjoy arguing on this site. I can always count on seeing u here. Until the next topic…….

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            No we are debating which has the faster processing power (the actual statement in the survey) and that is the ps4….

            I’m not talking about overall power i’m talking about real time processing power after the CPU has been used for other resources within the architecture.

            Again the xbox one has a slightly faster processor however it does not have faster processing power. it’s pretty simple.

          • Steven Hiller

            Exactly how is esram a bottleneck again? And before you mumble something about devs not being used to the architecture, xbox 360 used s ram so…

      • Flecher

        Blah……. Blah blah blah…….. fanboy!

    • factsfactsfacts

      Yeah a none gaming level! True gamers always want good specs to power their games, that’s why PC guys always brag about their graphics cards! It’s obvious with the Xbox Ones specs compared to the PS4, Microsoft had media first with some gaming! Proof is in the pudding, most multiplats run better on the PS4 than Xbox One unless you’re indenial and defensive you’ll deny this fact!! If you love gaming you always take the specs into consideration, it’s been like this since gaming began

      • JCheezy


      • Omar

        U absolutely have to take specs into consideration but unless the differences are dramatic, people will consider other things. Any time 2 competing technologies are out, one will most likely have an edge. No 2 systems in gaming history have ever had the exact same specs, yet people still choose a system as long as it can run the games they like pretty decently. All of this makes the console argument about graphics pretty dumb. Its not like if MS went with a little more power than Sony that Playstation fans would jump the fence. As long as the graphics are comparable, most of them will stay right where they are. In this case, MS just made too many bad decisions out the gate which resulted in a good amount of lost customers. They are slowly rectifying that but won’t ever catch PS4 due to dominance in EU and JP. But do they have to win worldwide to be successful? Not really. Both systems will do well and one system will win overall.

        • factsfactsfacts

          When it comes to tech, what’s more important than specs? This is Microsoft we are talking about, they are not happy unless they win it all hence the price cuts and bundles! I would’ve got an Xbox One if its specs were better than the PS4s not everyone is a sheep to a brand

          • Omar

            Sony isn’t happy unless they win it all either, hence why they made so many changes in their approach to gamers from last Gen. Marginal differences obviously can’t be a big deal to every gamer. Its not like we’re talking PS4 and Wii U. If Xbox didn’t exist, it would be a no brainer with no debates on graphic fidelity but that’s not the case. They are close enough for people to have to play on side by side screens, pause the game, run benchmark tests and more to make their point. There were differences last Gen too and most times, multiplats performed better mostly on the 360 but did it matter? Not really. PS fans bought for PS. The only difference then was the less powerful system ran games better but when it came to exclusives, PS3 games outshined them. Devs choose to work more with the easier tech so that will show up. If graphics is the real argument, why not choose a PC where the differences will be much more obvious? That’s why I don’t get all this talk about which system is so much more powerful. I gotta get to work and most likely won’t reply to ur next comment but I’ve given my POV. Everybody doesn’t make decisions for the same reason as u.

          • FloridaSun72

            I think the difference in graphics is marginal only because devs are trying to keep parity and not play favorites. The X1 has already tapped all the power it can muster just to have comparable graphics yet still cant do 1080p. You will start to see through Sonys first party and third party console exclusives how they will begin to outshine the X1 much much more as the devs start to use every bit of power the PS4 has which i think no game has even come close to doing.

          • Omar

            Ur not speaking from experience. We’ve seen multiplat devs say they have just about maxed out the power of both systems but I don’t believe it. As development software gets better, so will the games. That can only come from the OEM’s which are Microsoft and Sony. And there are some devs who said outright that they did not go for parity while some said they have gone for parity. Even for those who said they didn’t choose parity, the differences are marginal when it comes . To truly know the difference, u’d have to have an SDK for both systems urself, know how to make games and not be worried about making anyone angry with ur assessment. No politics. The PS4 is more powerful. We can see that in the performance so far and in the raw numbers according to the specs but we won’t know exactly how much for a while longer. Right now, the differences are marginal. I’m not a fanboy and actually like both systems but I know this site is attack of the fanboy so I gotta remember who I’m dealing with sometimes.

          • What? Xbox hasn’t come anywhere near getting fully optimized. Neither has PS4. You won’t see this from either until the end of the generation.
            And yes, Xbox can do 1080p.

          • FloridaSun72

            MS the cheapest billion dollar company in history. All that cash and the X1 is the best they could do?

        • FloridaSun72

          Xbots dont bother comparing specs. If it has MS on it they will buy it. Could be a shoebox with a dog turd and a camera in it and they’ll be there for the day one edition.

          • Omar

            Smh. I don’t use terms like Xbot or Pony. It just points to u being a fanboy and ur whole comment cements it. I can’t expect an unbiased opinion from u.

          • lol. Fanboy.
            Reading through your comments, I only see fanboy statements. I assume you would buy anything with Sony on it?
            Man, your pathetic. You think anyone who doesn’t share the same preference as you is an idiot!

  • Facts First

    Reasons why people buy an Xbox One: Games

    Reasons why people buy a PS4: They can’t afford an Xbox One.

    • njb

      have you got evidence of this? retail price the PS4 costs more. only when you buy an Xbox one without a kinect it might be cheaper, but that’s kind of a big feature of the console.

      and bundle wise you can pick both up for a relatively good price.

      what amazes me is that the Xbox one wasn’t cheaper in the first place and it was a bad decision to force the kinect on everyone at launch.

    • Guester

      wwwaaaaaaaa oooowwwwaaaaaa

    • Guest

      Yet ps4 outselling despite being more expensive and not bundled with a free game.

      Ah the logic of xbots – this describes it perfectly.

    • Orionsangel

      Reasons you’re in the minority?

      That’s a Nielsen list and the majority have spoken. Brand is the #1 reason. In other words you’re all fanboys lol

    • Doesn’t PS4 cost more?

    • FloridaSun72

      They were smart enough to stop and think about what kind of company MS really is after the bad policies they tried to enact and the dismissive answers fans received. They also took the time to compare specs and wonder if an additional 100$ at launch was worth the now forgotten Kinect. The average person would take these things into account, not want to pay more for useless tech and subpar hardware.

      Xbots bought because it said MS and belived everything fellow xbots exaggerated about like the cloud, kinect demo etc etc

      • Thanks for opinions.

  • Allen

    This is dumb. There are many reasons not to get an xbone and nothing here is even accurate. History is Microsoft’s biggest flaw, the fact that they have never given the most, have a history of abandoning all platforms, over charge for console, accessories & subscription and plain have an ass hole attitude.

    Brand loyalty HA!!! You mean in the US this blind illusion among school kids since they have zero experience and are just riding the wave from last gen Xbox US dominance. Kids too young to know better or just want to be cool so stick with what other inexperienced think.

    Cable pass through is the only reason why the one person I know has an xbone and he heavily regrets it. He does like the feature but no one is on it and he had zero idea about XBL paywalls or anything about xbone announcement or anything.

    • JCheezy

      huh? You’re really stretching trying to talk yourself into your terrible decision in buying a PS4. This article says it all and everything you tried to say about X1 is exactly what the PS4 is going through. You’re leading the console war because of everything you said about MS. That’s cute!! It’s really obvious all you Sony guys are struggling being loyal anymore and it’s getting to the point where it’s getting hard to read some of you guys trying to argue knowing there’s noway you mean it.

      I really appreciate your loyalty to PS but when is enough enough?

      • Christopher F.

        Actually he is right about Microsoft using the Xbox as a dumping ground.

        If you go back and read up on your history, there were financial reports back in the day for Microsoft being in trouble for having too much cash. They didn’t produce anything physical and as such had no real production costs on anything, and the companies they bought preferred stock to cash.

        In business, having too much cash is seen as a bad thing.

        Shortly thereafter Microsoft announced the original Xbox. It was pretty clearly just a way to flush out some of the excess cash that was starting to drag their stock prices down, but what am I saying? Not like anyone reading this is actually over 25 or cares how the real world works.

        • JCheezy

          It’s hard to rap my mind around “to much cash is a bad thing”. I do understand what you’re saying though. Great rebuttal.

          • Apple, Google and MS all disagree with his comments, “to much cash is never bad thing” to Big Business.. if anything they would all love to become the world’s first Trillion dollar company..

            Don’t fall for fake stories with no sources -_-

          • Christopher F.

            No, you don’t understand.

            Having lots of profit is good, but having lots of raw cash is bad.

            Normally when a company has excess cash, it pays dividends on it’s stocks to get rid of it. However Bill Gates at the time had so much stock in his own name that the payout would have been so big the government would have been all over his ass, which is why Microsoft doesn’t pay out dividends.

            So Microsoft was making money hand over fist, but had nothing they could do with it. They couldn’t pay it back out, they couldn’t use it to buy anything, and they had virtually 0 in production costs.

            They *NEEDED* the XBox as a way to dump that excess cash into hardware manufacturing just to get rid of it.

          • That was before members of congress could be influenced by a bench of stuff including political action committee, big business and other organization s to push their agendas before they pretend to be responsible to the citizens who they represent…

            This is why now in days Americans feel their country is run by big business… Why,many of these same businesses will avoid paying their taxes our have the Govt itself pay the taxes for them. They’re now stashing away money overseas in Switzerland…

          • Christopher F.

            You have no clue what the hell you’re talking about, do you?

            If you think big business lobbying only became a problem after the original Xbox came out, well, I’m just going to have to call you ignorant and suggest you go actually pay attention in some of your classes, because you’re obviously missing some lectures.

          • Christopher F.

            Actually, Apple has a problem with too much cash as well.

            Just type “business with too much cash” into Google and read for yourself.

          • How can that be, when Apple, and other large corporations finds loopholes to avold paying their taxes? it’s a known face these businesses are hoarding more cash than ever and have more then enough cash to sway Congress. that’s one,of,the biggest problems in our country..

            Now when it comes to Shareholders? then too much cash will become the problem. Apple just reported 700 Billion market cap

        • In business, having too much cash is seen as a bad thing.Tell Apple & Google This? Microsoft would never used Xbox as a dumping ground to throw money away, they made their intentions known and hates their competition. They would never let Google beat them…

          They hate Apple as well, but get outta here with that fake story.. Microsoft Loves Capitalism…

      • Allen

        Most of my friends were on 360 last gen, we fought all gen about it but eventually they regretted the decision (later in the gen when PS+ was here and all the exclusives kept coming to PS3).

        Then xbone announcement happened and the atrocities of E3 and there was no way they were going to xbox. It helped that PS is a little more powerful and has the free exclusive content too.

        Also there are studies out there about how many xbone gamers were PS and how many PS4 gamers were 360 last gen. There are far more 360 gamers switching than PS so I don’t get your loyalty argument. I’m just pointing out the real reasons why PS4 is in the lead.

        *PS4 and Xbone are like last gen the only core consoles.
        *PlayStation has proven to support their platforms with exclusives all generation.
        *PlayStation has built a large library of games with free exclusive content.
        *PS+ is proven to be a far more valuable subscription service (while being less expensive)
        *People were fed up of no exclusives on 360 for years, paywalls to basic features and getting nothing for their subscription.
        *Xbone announcement was about entertainment
        *Microsoft said themselves that they “dumbed down” the xbone. One of my friends switched at that exact moment. I didn’t even know they said that until he informed me.
        *Xbone E3 confirmed (A) Always online or it’s a brick (B) Kinect required or it’s a brick (C) DRM
        *Microsoft treated their customers like shit with #justdealwithit and “we have a console that doesn’t require you to be online and it’s called the xbox 360”.

        More power/higher resolutions were just a bonus.

        I really wasn’t trying to troll and I know you enjoy your xbox. Nothing wrong with that.

        • JCheezy


        • The PC Master Race

          So basically you eat Sony PR like shit as usual Allen when Sony has had no worthwhile exclusives at all and had the same quality as Haze and Lair. And then when Sony did everything MS said they were doing at E3 2013 at E3 2014 you defended them

          I bet you defended Lair you stupid fucking shill just like you will defend when Sony does DRM.

      • FloridaSun72

        Wow you take delusional to a whole other level. PS4 has just begun to shine with alot of,great console exclusives on tbe way.What does X1 do better than the PS4 that is worthy of peoples money? Nothing.

        • JCheezy

          X1 is better at everything except DLing digital copies of a game. PS4 is a little faster at that but honestly that is it.

          • DrumStickNinja

            What! Are you some type of trolling xbox fanboy? PSN is loads better than XBL. Everything is smoother and faster and we get so much out of PS+

          • JCheezy

            Haha. One of the best jokes I’ve ever heard. Good one bro……..PSN loads better….lol…classic.

          • Again. subjective.

        • Thanks for your opinion. Though its invalid as you don’t own one.

    • Fanboyism is a mysterious force. Perhaps try civil conversation instead of hating on a brand you don’t have.
      Just my two- cents. I’d say the same if an Xbox fanboy did this.

      • Allen

        Just simple facts dude. I respect you, I’ve seen you be very non biased and stand up against trolls. I do go off sometimes but that’s because there is such history of xbox. Most don’t know and I have a hard time not listing all the big details.

        This article I find issue with because of how they laid it out and whoever did the study. These people didn’t ask the right questions or something because I’ve fought against xbox for years upon years. I’ve heard it all and this just doesn’t make sense. Those I personally know all moved to xbox and these are the dudes I fought with. I know exactly what made them move on and called all this and PS4 success out years upon years ago.

        • Yeah, I get it. Respect to you as well.
          I’m curious though. Are you the same Allen as the one with a Disqus account? Is your internet having problems or something?

          • Allen

            Yes it’s me. I just don’t take the time to log in on my mobile devices sometimes.

          • Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing it up.

    • The PC Master Race

      So just as much reason to buy a POS4 then. None since Sony has been doing the same all the time. Just that Sony has a bunch of braindead shills like you damage controlling them.

      Even funnier especially as Sony can flick that DRM switch at any time like they did in the past

      But then the new Steam Hardware survey shows that Most PC Gamers are now rocking specs well above the PS4 so consumers think resolution is important. Just that the POS4 doesn’t meet their requirements. For example games. PS4 has none. :^)

  • Orionsangel

    Loyal to a brand? A fanboy lol.

    Every gen I go where the best deals are and the games I wanna play the most. Last gen it was Xbox 360. This gen it’s PS4.

  • DrumStickNinja

    Ha! Everyone I know switched from 360 to PS4 because xbox didn’t have have exclusives for like ever and PS+ give such great really new games.

    That and all the BS they were planning and said. Microsoft are complete ass holes.

  • Christopher F.

    Haven’t bought any of them yet.

    Mortal Kombat X will have me getting a PS4 though.

  • numbersdontliepeopledo

    Brand loyalty = fanboys! Especially when its specs are weaker compared to the competition! I had both the 360 and PS3 last gen, I chose the PS4 over the Xbox One not coz of price but the specs! I know a few years down the line, they will be alot of big open world games and PS4 is better prepared for that with its specs! If Xbox One is struggling running some games now it will get worse! Battlefield: Hardline @ 720p and dropping frames was just embarrassing! Before any bots bring up DX12, it’s not guna do as much as you think! It will benefit the PC more

  • Incoming fanboys explaining their reasons on why they think their system is better.
    With opinions.

    • Naberios

      Like “Fun-Factor”?

      • Nah, I’m talking about the comments.
        Though the #1 reason for Wii U seems the best.

        • Naberios

          The “best” opinion?

  • Honestly the number one reason for all of them except Wii U are stupid. Brand loyalty is stupid. Resolution doesn’t make a better game and you can get better on PC anyway.
    With Wii U however, the fun factor is true. Many exclusives that have scored high in the 80s and 90s.
    So, with that, I applaud you Wii U. After all, I agree as I have one. LOL.
    I’m curious as to how big this sample was.

    • Guest

      We all have different reasons for buying a console. For me, brand loyalty is stupid and shows fanboyism. I think resolution has more to do with “power” and people buying consoles for multi-platforms just wants the one which performs better overall. You can’t bring PC here since it doesn’t cost the same.

      I got a PS4 for the exclusives and multiplatforms. Got the WiiU for the great collection of high rated exclusives. Got the PSVita for travelling, all the games and remote play…

      I’m currently not interested in buying a XB1 since 1) I don’t have brand loyality, 2) I don’t see any “innovative feature” that would interet me. 3) I won’t buy it for multiplats since I already have a PS4/PC. 4) There are not enough exclusives for me. the only one I’m interested in Quantum break will probably end on PC.

      • The thing though is that I see fanboys just go with resolution as their only argument. That’s what I meant.
        I plan on getting a PS4 at some point as well, but it may be a while. I’m just waiting for a price drop and some more games that appeal to me. That new 3DS though is tempting.
        But yeah, as you said, we all have our own preferences.

      • Johnny

        I luv u ? more.

        • Thank you .)

          • Johnny

            Your welcome ?

      • I love you too. :)

  • Robert Martella

    Eh? Ps4 larger game base than Nintendo? Ummmmmmmm…. Try again? Neither console from my ownership (ps4 + xb1) has anything on the amount of games available on the Wii u.. Vc or not. Destiny? Flop and poor functionality. Titanfall? Massive rip off of mech warrior and mech assault with COD thrown into the mix (which settled even further under peoples aggravation over the game) I dunno… There’s a lot of lies, false publications and hate between Sony and Microsoft fans and their company against each other, and against Nintendo, but so far, my Wii U is being amazing to me. Games have been fun, for me and my friends together, has been cheap to fund my large library and I just don’t have any issues with their company… Nintendo pleases the fans with good games. Sony and Micro just want your money, fast with little effort put forward and with little to no care about releasing FULL games instead of broken half games with the rest of the content in DLC.

    • Wii U has the most AAA exclusives.
      PS4 has the most games. Period.

      • Robert Martella

        Is that including 50c games though? While I like my AAA games, I hate my ps4 for its lack of anything of the sort. The thing was traded in rightfully. I love the vc on my Wii u, hundreds of options, and dozens of Wii u games already. Each entertaining, with the Wii library to buffer my replay ability. I just don’t see this fuss about the ps4 or Xbox 1.

        • What are 50c games?

        • FloridaSun72

          Trading in a next gen system this early in its lifespan is ridiculous.

          • Telling someone what’s ridiculous and what’s not based on pure opinion is even worse.

      • I Love you

        • Same to you :D

          • Robert Martella

            50 cent games. I should have specified lol

          • Ah, I see now. Yes, PS4 has the largest library of games, regardless of price.
            Wii U has the most first party AAA games though.

          • “You’re alright…” ;)

          • No, I do. :)

          • “I love you more.” ;)

          • No.I do:)

  • Truthhurts24

    Xbox FTW!

    • Guest

      That’s brand loyalty right there!! ha ha ha

      • Truthhurts24

        Nope never owned an Xbox but this is the gen they impressed me so I got one because of their games and features no brand loyalty here!! to bad Ps4 doesn’t have the fun factor!

  • ?????’s mother

    Amuses me that for the Xbox fanboy’s misplaced gloating about their games selection, in the end games ended up being a higher factor in the purchase decision for a PS4 and brand was the top-most reason people got an Xbone.

    There’s one myth finally, totally busted.

    • You mean resolution.

      • ?????’s mother

        On the table, games as a reason to get a PS4 is higher (3rd position) than it is on the Xbone (4th position).

        • The PC Master Race

          And yet PS4 has no games. Irony.

    • The PC Master Race

      Yet PS4 has no games so they were obviously tricked. Funny how that works

      Meanwhile resolution and games are on PC. No wonder the new Steam Hardware survey is finding most Steam users PC’s are more powerful than the POS4 now.

  • BigDiggerNick

    loling hard @ all these console peasants

  • Jonsie

    whats the name of this site again? lol well if you really care about processing power you should be gaming on a pc! compare specs of either xbone or ps4 to the low end steambox. its funny cus that steambox is low tech! build your own steambox and really see the difference. consoles will always be a step behind… devs dont make games on consoles they use actual computers. dont get me wrong im a console gamer at heart! i also strayed away from consoles the past couple gens, with the exception being nintendo! im writing this review on my gamepad! thats right! lol while my far superior pc collects dust. the reason i play games…. for fun! dum dum dumb lol why else would you play games??? yes a nintendo fanboy, come get some xbots and sony snobs? i wouldnt trade my snes for your next gen console! but i would trade you a stack of busted sony products and a broken box or 2! everyone has there preferense i just choose fun and quality software over hype and horsepower.

    • Johnny

      Sweet post keep it up! Love it, go gaming!

  • Steven Hiller

    Reasons 1 and 2 and 3 are a big problem for Sony right now. They haven’t delivered the titles with the most talked about games being on the x1. Blue rays are going the way of the DVD, nobody wants to watch movies on disk anymore. The x1 was closed the apparent power gap between the consoles and it seems once again the x1 will pass the ps4s power advantage. Sony has been screaming 50% more power from the beginning but the x1 is quietly sailing past it.

    • Guest

      lol comment full of lies and subjective arguments.

      Reasons 1 and 2 and 3 are a big problem for Sony right now -> subjective. Either way is having a bigger game library a wrong thing?
      They haven’t delivered the titles -> subjective
      most talked about games being on the x1 -> subjective
      nobody wants to watch movies on disk anymore -> subjective and wrong
      it seems once again the x1 will pass the ps4s power advantage -> subjective
      Sony has been screaming 50% more power from the beginning -> link where they ever claimed that. if you can’t give a link you are lying
      the x1 is quietly sailing past it. -> MS were the one who claimed that the cloud will make the X1 4 times more powerful.

      You’ll need to try again. I don’t think brand loyalty is great reason to buy a console. I wouldn’t be proud of that.

    • tasslehoff

      Most talked about for the xbox is brand loyalty and features that is a problem. As far as blue rays going the way of DVD you’re a little confused. As far as sailing passed in power Xbox is lagging. Try again though.

  • DrumStickNinja

    LOL at Sony shills buying POS4s just for limited graphics at a silky smooth 23 FPS.
    These roaches just won’t accept PC is the Master Race. I play 1440p at minimum.
    Sony shills holding back the industry yet again.

    • Guest

      Little xbot is back!!!

  • Designer Dragon

    LOL Xbots

    • The PC Master Race

      LOL Sony Roaches thinking their low powered APU is any better

  • The PC Master Race

    No wonder the new steam hardware survey is showing that more PC owners than ever have PC’s more powerful than current generation consoles. If you want resolution and 60FPS smooth gameplay, we have a platform for you. It’s called PC. The light of GabeN awaits.

    But the the usual Sony damage control cuckolds like Allen and Fatty are in here. Stay retarded, shills :^)

  • Guest

    It’s not really conflicting. PS4 users bought their consoles because of facts [things that can be proven and are only argued about by fanboys,] And Xbone buyers bought their consoles based on PR

    • I only see resolution as a fact.

  • Truthhurts24

    People actually brought a Ps4 because of resolution and blu- ray lol I thought consoles were about exclusive games and the fun factor