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GameStop CEO: Wii U Was “Disappointing To Everybody”


While just about anybody you ask would agree that the Wii U was a disappointment on every level, it’s still pretty notable when a CEO of a big company comes out and shares thoughts that are exactly what the consumers are thinking.

This time it was GameStop’s CEO Paul Raines in regards to the Wii U, who said the following recently:

“Wii U was disappointing to everybody, including them. They made some bold bets, and maybe some of them didn’t work out. But they have a lot of creativity there. They’re a very innovative group of people, so we never count out Nintendo.”

He goes on to discuss how NX could turn things around and the hype surrounding it, saying:

“There is some excitement around NX. Lately here, we’ve been hearing a lot more buzz than we have in the past. Nintendo is interesting in that they really are able to keep things as quiet as they can for a while. And then they just lost their leader, so they’ve gone through a mourning period and so forth.”

Word is that the NX will launch early next year, with the official reveal coming later this year. The next Legend of Zelda game was delayed recently so that it could launch on both Wii U and NX, similar to how Twilight Princess did with GameCube and Wii.

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