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Gamestop to Give Away Free Dragonite

by William Schwartz


Need a Dragonite to complete your Pokedex? Now you’ve got your chance. This June, be on the look out for this exclusive GameStop giveaway- a free redeemable Dragonite.

The dragon type Pokemon, who has been a staple of the popular and long-running franchise since Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, is level 55 and comes with the move Extreme Speed, which the Pokemon can’t ordinarily learn in the games themselves. Ordinarily, obtaining a Dragonite with Extreme Speed was only possible by obtaining another Pokemon with the rare move, Dragonite’s pre-evolution Dratini, in another promotional giveaway.

GameStop is providing the code cards to redeem the Pokemon for free in order to promote the release of the trading card expansion pack Pokemon TCG: XY- Roaring Skies. It’s also worth noting that the Pokemon TCG iPad app has recently experienced an update, which added over 100 new cards to the online based iOS app. While at GameStop, players can also pick up an exclusive Pokemon TCG-3 pack, which comes with an exclusive Dragonite Collector’s Pin. All around, hitting up the local GameStop this summer is a good idea if you’re a Pokemon fan.

The Pokemon can be downloaded to copies of Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby, or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. This promotion is to take place from June 22 to July 12th.

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