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Gamestop Giving You More Money For Trade-In Games

by Damian Seeto


Gamestop is rolling out a new initiative later this month where you might be able to get more money off of the games you trade-in.

Kotaku managed to obtain documents that outlines Gamestop’s new initiative for trading in games. The new trading initiative will happen from August 18th. Trading in games will now come as a flat rate so you don’t have to always trade-in games towards pre-orders etc.

It’s being said the average rate will be that most games will now be worth 20% more than before. For example, a game worth $10 from in-store credit will now be worth $12 from August 18th. Not a huge increase, but still more money than before.

Gamestop’s trade-in ethics have always been scrutinized by gamers and customers alike. Many people think the company is greedy with the money they offer for people trading in games. They would buy your games for a low price, and then resell it for a larger price. They’ve been doing this for years and has stayed that way since.

Whether or not this new initiative means more people will trade-in games remains to be seen. A 20% increase is good, but not really a huge increase in terms of money in your pocket.

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