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Gamestop Hints Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Have Motion Control

by Damian Seeto


From the first Nintendo Switch trailer, we only saw the Joy-con controllers used to control games the traditional way. A recent comment made by Gamestop’s CEO suggest there’s more to them than meets the eye.

As reported by IGN, Gamestop’s CEO Paul Raines mentioned during the company’s investor’s meeting how it was like playing on the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons.

He said: “A movement-related game is more fun for kids, you know, taking those accessories off – [the detachable Joy-Con pads] – you can really do a lot of interesting things with that in gameplay.”

Motion controls is something Nintendo has been doing since the release of the original Wii. Even the Wii U’s Gamepad had a built-in gyroscope that allowed you to control things like aiming Link’s arrow in the Zelda games and more.

We may not know the full capabilities of the console and its controllers until January 12th, 2017. On that date, Nintendo will be announcing more details of the console and some of its launch titles.

What we do know about the Nintendo Switch right now is that it will have a new Mario game and Breath of the Wild will be out sometime after launch. Not to mention the console can be played both at home and away from home.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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