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GameStop Italy Website Is Now Taking Pre-Orders For Nintendo Switch

by Dean James


Nintendo first teased the NX awhile ago now and was finally unveiled officially as the Nintendo Switch back in late October through a very short video reveal that showed off the basics of what the home console/portable system was. However, they then said that plenty more details would be coming in the official reveal on January 12 in Tokyo that will be livestreamed around the world. We are anticipating that retailers will start to offer pre-orders soon after the event when an official release date and price are announced, but GameStop Italy is getting a jump on the competition with an early listing.

For those that live in Italy, a listing for the Nintendo Switch is now available on the GameStop Italy website for pre-order.

What is strange about the listing is that it has an actual price which is much higher than what we’re estimating the system to cost at € 399.98. UK pre-orders have previously been available for € 499.99, so it really seems like no one knows the price right now. The € 399.98 cost would convert to about $419 in the US, which would be suicide for Nintendo at that point, so it is almost certainly not going to be that much.

The good thing is that GameStop states that they will refund the different in price after the final price for the console has been revealed. However, unless you are really worried you won’t be able to get one later and have the extra money laying around, those in Italy may want to wait until the official price, as it’s likely a bit lower than that.

Previous rumors have placed the price somewhere around $249 to $299, which would be a nice fit for the system. This would either be at the price the Wii launched at, $249, or the cost the basic Wii U launched at. This is certainly going to be one of the most important announcements for the Nintendo Switch announcement next Thursday, January 12, so make sure to keep an eye out.

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