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GameStop Shares Potential NX Sales Compared To Wii And Wii U, “Gonna Be Huge”

by Mike Guarino


While the sales of Nintendo’s Wii U have not been very good, GameStop is optimistic on where it’s successor could end up on the sales side of things. The video game retailer recently held their quarterly financial conference call, where Executive Vice President of Business Strategy Mike Hogan discussed the potential sales of the NX and where they may fall on the spectrum compared to Wii and Wii U.

Hogan said that “Nintendo has confirmed that they will be introducing a new console in early 2017. So let’s take a look at the potential for just that one new console. Once again, we’re not projecting. We are simply looking at the potential for the new console in comparison to prior consoles.”

“Should the new NX perform only slightly better than the Wii U, it would generate 2.7 billion dollars in incremental sales over the first two years. Should it perform at even half of the level of the Wii, it would generate 7.5 billion units of incremental sales over that time frame. You can of course apply GameStop’s market share to estimate the impact on GameStop’s sales.”

Hogan ends by stating that it’s obviously too early to provide accurate projections for the system, though he reveals that they are “monitoring the situation closely” and will provide more updates later this year. He also posted a message on Twitter with an attached image that shows graphs of these potential sales, which contains a quote at the top that reads, “The Nintendo NX is gonna be huge! Could deliver $7.5 BILLION in sales in the first 2 years!”

While I think just about everyone would love to see the NX be successful, at this point this is just wishful thinking on GameStop’s part. Outside of the the Wii, the overall sales of each subsequent Nintendo console has been lower than the last and the Wii U’s sales are the lowest of them all. It’s a long shot that it can do as well as the Wii, but hopefully it can manage to at least surpass the Wii U.

Nintendo’s NX console is expected to launch early next year, and the upcoming Legend of Zelda game is expected to be a launch title for it.

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