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Gears 5: Mario Maker Meets Gears of War With New Map Builder Features

Map building tools add to a game with a ton of modes.

by William Schwartz


The next installment in the Gears of War franchise is just around the corner with Gears 5.  One of the most promising new features of the game are the tools found within the new Escape Mode.  This cooperative experience allows players to fight through user created content, where Escape Dungeons can be created by the Gears 5 community.

Gears 5 Map Builder Video Walkthrough

Microsoft has recently released a new video detailing the mode, and it appears to be incredibly robust.  The Gears 5 map building tools allow creators to control the layout of a map, determining how long or short a map is by placing room tiles.  In each room creators can select from the number of enemies and combinations of enemy types, which ammunition and weapons are available, and the levels of venom gas on the map.

Create maps and then share them with the Gears 5 community

Once players have a map created in the Gears 5 map creator they can instantly play it with friends or share it with the world.

Gears 5 definitely sounds like it’s going to have plenty for fans to sink their teeth into.  With the expected content like Campaign mode, Horde, and Multiplayer, as well as the Arcade and Escape modes it looks like there will be a ton of ways to play Gears 5 when it releases on September 10th, 2019.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can get access to the game four days early on September 6th.

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