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Gears 5 Operation 6 is Now Live

Along with a brand new Tour of Duty and fresh rewards.

by Shawn Robinson


It has been quite some time since Gears 5 last had a new operation. Way back in November, players were introduced to Operation 5, which included many blasts from the past from the iconic Dizzy Wallin, feminine hero Anya Shroud, along with several iconic Gears of War maps reimagined in Gears 5. If you’ve been hungering for additional content though, the team at The Coalition is happy to deliver. Today, Gears 5 is launching its sixth Operation which includes iconic characters, a brand new Tour of Duty, and more! You can check out the release trailer below.

Operation 6 brings out two familiar faces on both sides of the battlefield. On the COG side you have the old and grizzled war veteran Colonel Hoffman in his armored skin, while on the Swarm’s end you’ll find the malevolent Queen Reyna controlling her horde. You can also find the brand new Locust Zealot, a brutal creation from Ukkon’s experiments back in the days of Gears Tactics. These characters can get their own variants through the brand new Tour of Duty, alongside other character skins and rewards.

If cosmetics aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of gameplay changes as well. For example, the brand new Versus: Control mode offers an interesting twist on the standard King of the Hill mode. It features individual respawn timers, a much larger ring, along with requiring players to stay in the ring to score points. You also have Horde: Escape from Kadar if you’re into the PvE scene, letting you engage in a hectic ten-wave mode. That’s not even mentioning the return of Speyer down the line, an iconic Gears of War 4 map. Other than that, there’s a full host of patch notes which you can check out here.

If you’re a fan of Gears 5, there’s a fair amount to be interested in. If you’re excited to see what it has to offer, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Gears 5 is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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