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Gears of War Judgment offers double XP, for a price

by William Schwartz


Gears of War: Judgment will allow players to purchase Double XP via microtransactions in the soon-to-be-released shooter. Epic is selling these experience boosters in multiple varieties; they range from a 10-match pack for 80 Microsoft Points all the way up to a 200-match pack for 800 MSP.

For those that don’t want to purchase these booster packs piece-by-piece, they can opt to purchase the Gears of War: Judgment Season Pass. With the Season Pass, players will get a permanent double XP boost alongside six multiplayer maps, and nine exclusive unlocks for the game.

With multiplayer such a strong focal point for Gears of War, let’s hope that these optional purchases have no bearing on the online experience. These optional purchases don’t appear to have an impact on multiplayer however. In Judgment, XP is used for unlocking character and weapon skins, so this shouldn’t put players who choose not to buy at any disadvantage.

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