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Get Free Planes in War Thunder’s 2 Year Anniversary

by Danny Vittore


War Thunder is celebrating its second year of existence and it’s starting off by thanking the players who made all of it possible by basically giving out free “premium” planes to everyone. Well, you still have to complete a challenge, but the challenge is to get 5 player kills in normal air and/or ground battles between now and 7am GMT on November 3rd,  which shouldn’t even be a problem for most players, with many capable of completing the challenge in one match.

The plane you will be getting will be chosen at random from 5 possible planes:

  • He.51B-2/H – A German hydro-biplane. Basically your ordinary German reserve aircraft, with massive pontoons.

  • DB-7 – French light/medium bomber, like all French planes, it will be a part of the British tech tree.

  • LaGG-3-23 – Russian fighter, It’s another LaGG to join your collection of LaGGs. No visual or known differences with what you already have, but another one is always nice to have!

  • TB-3 – Russian medium/heavy bomber. The Russians aren’t exactly lacking in Tier 1 for bombers, but it never hurts to have a heavier bomber.

  • XF5F – An American proto-type fighter. Looks bizarre, but at the same time, pretty unique. Unless you think it’s god awfully ugly, you shouldn’t really have complaints if you get this with its centrally mounted guns.

You will be guaranteed a plane you don’t already own and if you haven’t tried War Thunder already, this would be the perfect time to start and join the festivities! There’s nothing better than having more planes (not to mention premium planes give you bonus research points which allows you to get new planes even faster!) and you really won’t get another plane as easily as this, at least until next year that is.

Are you going to be trying to get your free random plane in War Thunder’s 2 year anniversary? Let us know what plane you get in the comments below!

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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