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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Returns to Single Player, Gets Live Beta This September

Single player returns to the series.

by Alex Levine


We finally got some more information on Ghost Recon Breakpoint. John Bernthal of all people was introduced as a main character during a cinematic trailer. He proceeded to make a bro speech of all bro speeches to you and your squad-mates before you went out on your mission. He then took the stage with a dog, for reasons, who went onto give some insight of the Wolves, the special tactical unit for the game.

According to the actor, the Wolves are the toughest military unit in the world, and that when he and his men take on any mission, they will always succeed. Single player seems to be the main focus here as previous entries have always featured online multiplayer components over the former. This is more evident by the announcement of AI Teamates making a return to the series, something that fans have been wanting for a long time. Despite the popularity of Seige, having computer teammates during single player missions is the classic Ghost Recon way of playing.

A Brand new community program, Ghost Recon Delta Company, was also announced and it will allow players to connect and plan out missions and share pictures with people around the world. The company continued by announcing that a Beta will go live on  September 5th you can register for here. Terminator was also teased as a potential new DLC add on for the title, despite being teased yesterday for Gears 5 at Microsoft’s conference. I guess Terminator is going to be in every game now. Unfortunately no release date was given, butt we’re more than likely going to see this one come out sometime next year.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will launch for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can watch the new trailer here:


- This article was updated on:June 10th, 2019

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