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The Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta is Live

by William Schwartz


The Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta is live on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For those that held on to their copies of Splinter Cell Conviction on the Xbox 360, you’ll be prompted at the startup screen for the game, to download the beta client via the Xbox Live Marketplace. For those that secured a beta key from pre-ordering the game, you’ll access the content by redeeming the key on either the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live Marketplace. For PlayStation Plus subscribers, the beta has been accessible for over 24 hours.

The Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta will run from April 19th until May 2nd. During this time, players will get a chance to try out three classes: Rifleman, Engineer, and Scout. Each class will feature unlockable gear for use on the beta’s two multiplayer maps. The game’s XP system and character customization options will also be featured in the beta.

Fans that log in for the beta will also get to try out The Ghost Recon Network during the beta. The beta version of the free companion service will be available on the web and through an Android mobile app.

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