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Ghostwire: Tokyo Announced from the Makers of The Evil Within

A new "action adventure" game

by Kyle Hanson


Tango Gameworks, the makers of The Evil Within and it’s sequel have a brand new game coming called Ghostwire: Tokyo. Announced a moment ago during the Bethesda E3 2019 Showcase, the game looks like a very interesting new take from the developer. As the announcement said, this is not a survival horror game, though the trailer may make it seem like it is. Instead it is an action adventure title with some “spooky” elements to it.

What are those spooky elements? Well, people are randomly disappearing all around Tokyo, leaving nothing but their clothes behind. As the title suggests, there’s a definite spiritual element to the disappearances and it seems to go even further, with interesting characters pulling from many Japanese styles and tropes. The trailer didn’t have any gameplay, but it certainly set the mood for an interesting adventure that will take you to various parts of Japan.

The Evil Within was promoted as a sort of return to form for creator Shinji Mikami, who was heavily involved in the original Resident Evil titles. While the end result was a bit more action focused than many anticipated, it still delivered some serious gore and scares. Will Ghostwire: Tokyo follow suit, or will it blaze a new trail for Mikami and Tango Gameworks? Find out when more info is shared later on.

GhostWire: Tokyo – Official E3 Teaser

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